Evolution through tough conditions

    The upcoming challenges will not defeat us, but only make us stronger

  • JYD
    Optimization through limited resources

    Resources may be limited, but our creativity is limitless

  • JYD
    Realization through unknown dimensions

    The undefined problems provide us the opportunities to shine

  • JYD
    Position leads to accurate direction

    Proper planning and implementations lead us to create great projects

Now is the time

2017 will be a good start for us to do a little changes. This year will be great and full of excitements!

The market and industry change with different demands and expectations. Base on this understanding, we start creating not just the visuals, but also the content and experience. The created contents are specifically customised to every unique clients. There are 4 major aspects the we focus during this process:

 JYD evolution

Most of the big icons in global market consistently update their identity. It enables their brand to closely connect with their audience.

JYD optimization

The brand optimization refers to various arrangement to maximize a specific brand's identity, and apply it to various different medium.

JYD realization

This essential for brands to have deeper understand on their own brand; in order to make appropriate adjustment that connect with audiences.

JYD position

Market positioning is crucial for conveying accurate message. Understanding brand equity and audience needs will help achieving higher goals.

What We're good at

We provide quality design services to reinforce all kind of business and marketing campaign. We passionately explore every possibility for every task and aiming to achieve greater achievement.

JYD Visual Identity Visual Identity
Visual identity evokes a desired emotional response from target audience. JYD has in-field experiences to maximize your brand's identity
JYD Creative & Art Direction Creative & Art Direction
We won't break our promises! Leave the hardest part to the expert! JYD customised ideal strategies and creative solutions for our clients
JYD Web & Graphic Design Web & Graphic Design
JYD's has set of professional skills to provide you stunning design! We help you to communicate (verbally or visually) with your potential audience

Charles Eames:
"Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose"

JYD studio's Projects

It is a great pleasure to work with these great brands and companies, and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

JYD studio prioritises the communication with client, and believe the effective communication will create the visual that representing client’s core value. Generally, the value of visual and creative is hard to be measured via the numbers. what differentiates JYD studio with other agencies, we focus on the process how we work with client: 1.) The working process 2.) How we get the works done.

JYD Case - OSK Filters

OSK Filters

We are hired by well known local filter manufacturer OSK Filter, to redesign the brand identity. The design project covers Character, Website, Social Media, Product Packaging, Print Ad, Product Catalogue. This project has successfully help OSK Filter to obtain more international client

JYD Case - INNO & Sericite Sanitarywares

INNO & Sericite Sanitarywares

The collaboration with prestigious local sanitaryware manufacturer was started with series of bus and signboard design. In 2017, JYD studio take part to design CNY ad, videos and series of rebranding projects for the client. Targeting to make an impact in local sanitaryware industry

JYD in May 1st Reboot

Akar Indah

The collaboration with Local Housing and Civil Engineering Developer - Akar Indah Sdn Bhd was a remarkable experience. JYD studio obtains all information and complete the whole project within a short timeframe. This project has help the client able to approach more potential clients

JYD Case - MegaFLY Engine Oil


MegaFLY offers various engine lubricant products to local market. In the stage of setting up an online platform, JYD studio was hired and take part in website, leaflet and packaging design

JYD Case - SENGTRANS Logistics


SENGTRANS Sdn Bhd, previously known as TP Transport Agency. JYD studio was hired to provide a new name that connects to bigger domestic market, and furthermore, create an unique identity, website and CIS items

JYD Case - Hegen Handling

HEGEN Handling

Hegen Handling System Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based material handling solutions provider. JYD studio was hired to help the client to create an unique identity, in order to create emotional connection with potential clients

JYD Case - Jewel of Liberation

Jewel of Liberation

Hired by Singapore Buddhist Organization to create a packaging design that primarily conveying a world view on life and death

JYD in Abduzeedo

VOJYAGER featured in Abduzeedo.com

An unknown journey
An unfinished mission
Continuing to discover

JYD in Abduzeedo

Monkey Land 2016 featured in Abduzeedo.com

The monkey land itself, is created from the chinese word '猴'. The artwork is also aimed to express the viogrous of the monkey.


Yes, We are open for all kinds of creative tasks

We are truly devoted to our initial intention: Never say NO to all kind of business oppurtunities
Please download our Service Brochure to have better understanding about our services!

Strategies and Process

We don't start the task before we understand what client wants. We ask questions and we listen. Our design strategy relies on a few basic principles: Communication with clients, Contemporary Designs, Visual Consistency and Result Effectiveness. These principles enable us to convert complex ideas into stunning visual contents.

Strategies Strategies
  • We listen then we design. We dig out every little pieces of info from clients. We craft the ideal artwork that fits their vision and company personality
  • We believe the Web designs play a better role and fit today’s business. We will try every possibilities to create up-to-date designs
  • Visual consistency plays an important role in brand development. JYD studio creates compelling designs that maintain visual consistency
  • We are highly focused on design effectiveness. We go through multple quality verifications to make sure our designs convey the correct message.
Process Process
  • Fundamental Understanding . Analyze Needs & Goals . Build Vision
  • Budget Estimation . Lead Time Estimation . Contract Preperation
  • Research . Finalised Strategy . Solution Proposal
  • Concept First Draft . Concept Rationale . Concept Refinement
  • Concept Presentation . Concept Feedback . Concept Amendment

The only journey is the one within

JYD studio is a multi-disciplinary advertising & design studio that breath excellence. Specialising in corporate branding, art & creative direction, graphic & website designs. We aimed to make things that matter, we start everything from understand your purpose, as purpose is the key that leads us to success!

About JYD


Our mission is to create stunning visual content that engages the target audience, enhance brand identity. And most importantly, we help the ambitious clients to understand, implement and excel in mass competition.


The notion of “Creativity is Meaningless without the Purpose” defines how JYD works with clients: To complete all tasks in a creative way and achieving their objectives. We believe that the miracle will happen when design works effectively together with appropriate strategies!


What define our uniqueness with ordinary agencies? We placate our honorable clients with our services, set high objectives and expectations to grow their business! We will not giving flowery promises, just honest hard work!

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